Our company sincerely hear various hopes from clients and try to do best consulting on every kind of need for beverage industry such as accounting, design of product, , marketing, sales, construction of beverage plant, beverage production, procurement of raw and packaging materials basically with CEO’s 30-year rich and wide experiences and relationships on beverage industry.


We correspond to all the needs of the beverage companies and support them totally and revolutionary with advice for transformation, development and high performances of the company.


With big and vast development of domestic company we consulted on, we will contribute to overseas company progress world over especially in Japan and Asia.


Our company value exists in revolution of company.

-Company outlook-

2011 Founded and started as private French interpreting company
April 2015, consolidated as mainly beverage consulting company along with interpreting in English and French.

-Company Overview –

Name T-Bay International company Co,.Ltd.
Representative Koichi Matsuda
Capital 1 M yen
Address 〒108-0074
    Takanwa 2-13, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel +81-80-5448-9646
Foundation April, 2015
Employee 2
Bank Jyonan Shin-yo Head ofiice
Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Shinagawa Ekimae office

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